Photography exhibition starting on Oct 3rd 9:00pm: Walking through and beneath shadows of the everyday humans by Refty Ahmed

The inauguration of the AFM Art Gallery on October 3rd will be open at 9:00pm with exhibition of the young and talented photographer Maldivian photographer Refty Ahmed, ‘Walking through and beneath shadows of the everyday humans’.

Being born into the millennium, onto an Island of quarter of a million people, Refty has surely seen some things that pace through the thoughts with this ever-growing country. From a young age of 12, Refty has had a keen interest in documenting other people’s lives through the eyes of the camera lens. Something that started of as curiosity later developed into a skill. This self-taught street oriented one of a kind of photography is a dying breed of photography according to the teenager. Being excessively curious about other beings, Refty tries to show the world about what goes on in his thoughts when he sees other people and then implements it on a medium.

Throught this exhibition, Refty tries to unveil the hidden symmetric beauty in every shot he composes. A composition of multiple similar shots which tries to show the world a different aspect of street photography. A series of 15 photos, both black and whites and colored images that radiate a sense of emotion and attitude that transcends through the vicinity of conscience. He tries to show the extra-ordinary behind the ordinary, the subtle seconds of bliss before chaos…


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